Let go the past what has gone before – Let go the future that which comes after
Let go thy hold on the middle as well – Thus with mind released in every way
Then comest never more to birth and decay

Dhamma Padaya

Mrs Gimhani Levangama

Director International Relations

From Gimhani’s earliest days of her childhood alongside her grandparents and parents has been involved in several charitable causes across Sri Lanka. She feels especially passionate about being involved in creating a sanatorium facility for the Sil Matha’s in the Kurunegala district as she spent a significant part of her childhood in the Narammala area of Kurunegala.

Gimhani read law in the United Kingdom achieving both her Bachelors and Masters in Law and she went on to qualify as an Attorney-at-Law in Sri Lanka in 2010. She is an avid freelance artist who enjoys painting during her free time. Gimhani and her husband reside in Singapore where they spend much of their time running after their young son.

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