Let go the past what has gone before – Let go the future that which comes after
Let go thy hold on the middle as well – Thus with mind released in every way
Then comest never more to birth and decay

Dhamma Padaya

Enrich The Order Of Buddhist Nuns / Sil Matha’s

  • Thrice a day perform the ritual obligations and veneration of Thrivida Dahatu Chethiya on compulsory basis.
  • Daily in evening recital of great Paritta’s such as Dhamma Chakka, Sachcha Vibhanga, Maha Samaya, and Girimananda Paritta under the shades of most venerated mighty Bodhi Tree which is of a sapling from the holy Ashtapalaruha Bodhi.
  • Daily commencing from 4am to 9pm, all residing Buddhist Nuns strictly adhere to a well stipulated devotional routine to create restrain in senses and spiritual inspiration.
  • Conduct many other religious activity and programs to develop the spiritual path leading to liberation while providing counseling based on buddhist values.
  • Monthly basis, conduct Dhamma-Vinaya education seminar for Buddhist Nuns. Presently same being conducted by the Rev Kahagala Sarananda Thero.

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