Let go the past what has gone before – Let go the future that which comes after
Let go thy hold on the middle as well – Thus with mind released in every way
Then comest never more to birth and decay

Dhamma Padaya

Kalubowila Amathagaveshi Thero


Educated at Royal College, Colombo. Expertise on General Management, held many positions at helm of Management in reputed private sector Establishments. Retired as the C.E.O of a leading Food Conglomerate and served the food Industry as a Management Consultant.

Renunciated lay life to Ordained as a Buddha Puthra at the holy feet of Most Rev Korathota Vessabhu Nayaka Thero and the Anunayaka Thero of Malwatta Shayamopali Chapter, Most Ven Niyangoda Wijithasiri Maha Thero.

Married with two children in lay life, he held the position as the President of Pattana Dharma Sabhawa, for 15 years and was the President of the Dayaka Sabhawa of Balapokuna Purana Viharaya over 30 years. Studied and elucidated on Dhamma, Vinaya with special reference to Tranquil and Vippassana Meditation at the feet of erudite late Prelates such as the Most Ven Nauyane Ariyadhamma Maha Thera and Walane Amathagaveshi Nayaka Thera.

Co- founder of “Daham Madura” and a founding Trustee of Kurunegala Daham Madura Trust.

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