Let go the past what has gone before – Let go the future that which comes after
Let go thy hold on the middle as well – Thus with mind released in every way
Then comest never more to birth and decay

Dhamma Padaya

Suwasetha Daham Sevana
(Sanatorium for Sil Mathas/Buddhist Nuns)


In accordance with the great compassion vows of the Buddha – ‘ යෝ ගිලානං උපට්ඨෛය, සෝ මං උපට්ඨෛය’ – ‘caring for sick is similar to caring for Buddha’ aim to provide caring welfare facility to sick and feeble Buddhist Nuns who are deprived of old age care and provide spiritual nourishment to enhance their moral leading to the Bliss of Nibbana.


To create and maintain a safe, caring and spiritually engaging facilities to care for Buddhist Nuns who require assisted aged care living.

Governing standards to execute mission:

  • Establishing a Board of Directors at volunteer capacity under the Daham Madura Trust to manage the affairs of the proposed charitable organization.
    • 1.Consist of volunteers from number of professional backgrounds to provide a balanced opinion, including identifying risks, act in the best interest of the charitable fund.
    • 2.Formulate the organization structure, project plan and annual budgets for the charitable fund.
    • 3.Oversee the fund raising, fund management, audits and administration of the charitable fund to be compliant with the required legislative framework of Sri Lanka.
    • 4.Attend at least 80% of Board meetings face to face or virtually and respond to minuted items that require actioning in a timely manner.
    • 5.Act in transparent and honest conduct, at all times.
    • 6.Tender their resignation, if they are found to be in breach of the above conditions or by majority vote of the Board of Directors where found not to meet the conditions enumerated above.
  • To create and build Sanatorium facility to provide care to sick and destitute Buddhist Nuns who are helpless and have lost care in their evening of priesthood.
  • To raise funds, manage funds and affairs of managing facilities of the Sanatorium in most efficient and transparent manner within the laws of Sri Lanka.
  • Maintain the Sanatorium in a pleasant, serene and peaceful status as a safe and a secured place for resident Nuns and provide them with necessary means to dwell in and practice Dhamma.
  • Plan, organize, direct, develop the organization and manage the human resources aspects. Encourage and organize volunteer and participation of joint activity to achieve cost benefits.
  • Manage the enrolment of resident nuns and maintain the fund as a charitable organization dedicated to taking care of sick and old aged nuns with guidance on spiritual and mind development by adhering to the laid out constitution.

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